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I have content (images, metas, fanfic, fanart, fanvids, screen captures, etc.) that I'd like to contribute to Team Garcy. Where can I send it?

Please check out the information on Team Garcy's Donate page. Thank you!

Why create a fansite for Garcy and a show that is no longer on the air?

Because it is fun, and just because the original source material is over doesn't mean that the fans can't continue to love Timeless, its characters, its relationships, and its story. Timeless only dies if it is forgotten, and I love the show too much to let that happen.

I've seen the image on the site that asks to donate to help keep the Team Garcy fansite online. What is that about?

Clicking on that image takes you to the Public Pay section of my webhost's (GTXGaming) website. From there you can donate money to help pay for the server and domain renewals. All funds donated go straight to GTXGaming for each month's charge to my account with them. I cannot withdraw/transfer any of the donated funds to any external account, it all stays with GTXGaming. As per GTXGaming:

Payments made through the Public Pay system are NON-REFUNDABLE. By submitting payment to this client, you agree to our Terms of Service and that the client has shared his / her Public Pay ID to accept payments.

GTXGaming sets the minimum donation amount, but more can be donated if you wish. At present, the only payment method accepted is PayPal - although you can pay with a credit card with PayPal Guest Checkout if you don't have your own PayPal account.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so by clicking here. I thank you in advance for helping to keep Team Garcy online as I am not currently in a position to cover all the costs on my own - I do what I can, but Team Garcy is kept online by the generous donations from fans.

Why don't you archive images of Goran Višnjić on the Team Garcy site?

Originally, I did archive images of Goran, but I've since begun a fansite for him, Goran Višnjić Archive, and all the screen captures, and GIFs that had been on Team Garcy are located there now. It is possible that I will add them back to Team Garcy at a later date, but for now hop on over to GVA to get your Goran fix.

I'm a Lyatt fan, but I also think that I like Garcy. Is it ok to ship the two opposing relationships at the same time?

Yes. It's ok to ship however many ships you want regardless if they oppose or not. I have at least a handful of ships that aren't Garcy for both Garcia and Lucy, so it's all good. Plus... as our King Višnjić of Garcy once tweeted "Multi shipping is allowed... it's ok to multi ship..."

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